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September 11, 2006


Alexis Leon

It is interesting to see one's classmates after so much time. I too never had the fortune to attend the class reunions. So better luck next time.

James Bright

Thank you Alexis for your comment.
It is very sad that we are missing this re unions..!
Thanks once again for your sincere wishes.



Am reminded of the film Classmates that has just been released in kerala, thats all abt a reunion 15 years later. Its a wonderful movie; a must-see rather.

Surely u wud get to meet all ur old friends with family. Lets keep our fingers crossed!


James Bright

Thank you Velu for your comment.
I have heard the name of that film but I don't know abt. the story. Is it directed by Lal Jose?


Yes. its the one directed by Lal Jose. An abosultely talented director in my opinion!!

James Bright

I am glad that you liked him. He was very talented even from the very beginning. My film was actually directed by him eventhough he was an associate at that time!

Praveen Nair

Classmates is really a great and fantastically picturied movie. Definately it is a 'must see' movie for all. The script is very much original and the scene to scene linking in the movie is done perfectly. I have really become a fan of Lal Jose.

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