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September 23, 2006


Sreejith Kumar

LOL! This was really funny! The anxiety, followed by the relief, then some embarrassment and finally a welcome relief!

Alexis Leon

That is a very interesting question..isn't it? Many of the professionals get so absorbed in their field, they either forget or don't get enough time to read other books. But in my opinion we should find at least 30 minutes to read the general / fiction and other books.

James Bright

Sreejith: Thank you very much for the comment. Yes, it was a tricky situation in the end.

Alexis: Thank you Alexis. You are very true. One should find some time for his general reading. I have to be more serious regarding that!


good one...so finally the expiring card came to rescue for the moments of embarrasment n lookin for answers kinda situation !
On the hindsight...we really get lost in our bc work schedules n hardly find time for the best of things !!!


That was indeed a funny narrative, James.
Especially towards the end, when the card 'rescued' u from further boredom!!


James Bright

Seema: Thank you very much. It is true that we may get busy, but I am very lazy these days!

Velu: Thank you Velu for your comment.
But I like your narration most!

Maya cassis

hahahaha that was so funny.
I am not great at conversation on the phone.I hate all forms of communication in which we have to speak.The only person I talk to is my sister,that goes on for hours and hours.but i do know that she falls asleep in between and starts to snore to my obvious irritation.
i have yet to go through all your other lovely stories.i shall devour them one by one :)

James Bright

Thank you very much Maya. I haven't written much these days!
Thanks for your lovely words.


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