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September 06, 2007




It has been so long! I havent been blogging much the last few months, but am now back. Great to know that u have reloacted successfully. And hope u had a wonderful Onam as well!

I just maintain one blog right now thats avialable at http://moviezmazaa.blogspot.com

Do hope to see u there some time.

Hope to be more regular in blogging from now on....


James Bright

Thanks Velu.
I have seen that blog and that is wonderful.


hi james,
my husband and i are going through the same thing in terms of relocating...and we had to go through the whole experience of finding new indian stores, buying spices, etc etc...

Alexis Leon

New place...new opportunities...
Change is always good and inevitable...
Wishing you all the best...

James Bright

Kesi: Thanks Kesi. That is very nice to hear. You might have bought a new house..!
My hearty congratulations for that.
The sad thing about me is that I have to move again after six months..!

James Bright

Alexis: Thank you Alexis for the comment.
I am trying my best to cope with these new challenges.
Wish you the best too..!

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